November 24 2019: Joint project with the Technion, Israel

June 27 2019: Successful meeting with the head officer of The Israel Fire and Rescue Authority

Jun 05 2011: a successful experiment of yaw control of the srobot-7kg

100yaw control

May 15 2011: Meeting with Ericson Aviation people in Tel- Aviv

Marketing the Air Crain helicopter in Israel.

Dec 23 2010: China- Meeting with Director of Changzhou Firefighting Bureau 
Successful meeting with potential client: Mr. Xu Ping Huang, the Director of Changzhou Firefighting Bureau of Police Department regarding the SRobot™

Dec 22 2010: Meeting with IAMT institute Changzhou, China
Meeting with IAMT institute discussing possible Cooperation by and between Olive Engineering & IAMT in R&D of SRFF (SRobot™– Fire Fighting)

Apr 26 2010: Collaboration with Ort Braude Robotics Laboratory

‏Started collaborating with Olive Engineering on our SRobot‪-‬7k project

May 2009: completed building the SRobot office demonstrator.

The robot includes thrusters which are operated by remote control.

Jun 5 2008: Meeting with Home Front Command
At this meeting it was evident that the need for a rescue apparatus for the Home Front Command is apparent, for conventional rescue purposes (evacuation of trapped individuals from high buildings) as well as for unconventional purposes (cleaning up after ABC attacks in multi-story buildings, investigation of chemical warfare agents etc.) Should the concept prove itself, the mission will be integrated with the Home Front Command's ongoing program, including the operational application.titute of Technology in Haifa, Israel.

Jan 16 2008: R&D Plan Submitted
Olive Engineering and the Israel Defense Force (IDF) submitted an R&D plan for a helicopter-born evacuation system for rescue missions

Aug 2007
Representing Elcopter model in enterprise exhibition in Singapore.
yaw control